Friday, November 10, 2006

Mera jhoota hai Japani...

I shifted to Seattle just over a year ago and you bet I am still 'India- sick'!! And I pray that I never come out of it. Of course, Seattle is a great place, we are happy, life is good, no regrets...but 1 year Vs 27, it is a pretty tilted balance.

Anyway, let me try and list some of the toppers on my ' Miss You loootss' list.

Of course goes without saying...Family and especially my nephew Nilu

My closest friends - Anne, Hindol, Nanda, Ramya (alphabetical, not taking a chance with that one guys).

My maid and the dhobi ... especially on weekends when we are chilling out vaccuming, dusting, cleaning and staring at the pile of washed crumpled clothes..hoping desperately that our blank stares will magically iron them.

Saravana Bhavan sambar saadam and hot hot idlis from Murugan Idli shop

Satyam Cinemas ( but the last I heard, they are quite a rip off)....mainly watching movies in packed theatres with some good sound effects!!

Screaming hot mulaga bajji on Besant Nagar Beach

My 8th floor apartment and our designer furniture (well designer coz we designed it!)

Stopping by a restaurant for a 6 pm snack and coffee...a concept unheard of here...not really, people do eat here at that time, its just called dinner!

Calling anyone and everyone from your cellphone...guess what, they charge you for even incoming messages here

Our must have post-lunch walk at Symrise

Beauty parlors..terms like waxing and facial used to be in my dictionary once upon a time

My job at Radio Mirchi..well, I do have a great one now...but feel bad once in a while that I never got the time to give that a chance.

TV used to be a delight watching them

The list is endless...didnt I start out by wanting to list the toppers? So better stop here (atleast!!), but am sure this is a WIP. Also soon to come...from my life in Seattle ....'These a a few of my favorite things'.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My first blog ever!!

So I am told this is the latest thing to, is that why I am here? I dont know...well it just feels like a good idea. Offlate I seem to be hooked to Orkut...spending all my time or whatever spare-internet time I have browsing for friends and accquaintances whom I have not bothered to keep in touch with in the first why am I spending time there? Dont get me wrong..I am not here to bash Orkut. I loved it as long as the bubble lasted for me and you will still find me there quite a lot. But I am just hoping to try out something new... so all you bloggers out there, be kind to this soul and bear these baby steps.